Pharmacological Effects of Troxipide

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-08-10

Troxipide can promote gastric ulcer area repair: clamps - cortisone ulcer of rats, acetic acid, ulcer and histologic examination of the clamps ulcer, indicates that the goods can make gastric mucosa regeneration and the growth of collagen fiber combination at the ulcer base, it can accelerate for repair, can promote the healing of chronic ulcers. In addition, the acetic acid ulcer of rats with cimetidine and use, also has the curative effect.

Pharmacological Effects

To inhibit the action of the various experimental ulcer: inhibit rats under water stress, reserpine, indomethacin, aspirin, hydrocortisone stress and the occurrence of stress ulcer bleeding pylorus ligation, showed mucosal protection.

(1) It has the effect of the increased gastric mucosal blood flow, can increase the gastric mucosal blood flow, also can make the gastric mucosal blood loss and acetic ulcer edge of mucosal blood flow increased.

(2) The activation of gastric mucosa metabolic function: can make the rat gastric mucosa oxygen consumption and ATP content increases, the energy metabolism activation gastric mucosa. Especially for blood flow to reduce ulcer edge part of the mucous membrane, the effect is stronger.

(3) It makes the composition of the normalisation of gastric mucosa: increase the glycosaminoglycan content in rat gastric mucosa, inhibition caused by anti-inflammatory drugs, or stress reduced glycosaminoglycan, enhancement of gastric mucosa. Add the effect of prostaglandin content in gastric mucosa

(4) The rat gastric mucosa within the cell protective effect of prostaglandin content increased, visible main effect is to enhance defense factors of the goods.


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