Pharmacological Function Of Cetirizine HCl

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-07-18

Cetirizine HCl is a metabolite of hydroxyzine human body, animal experiments show that the West cetirizine hydrochloride as an outer peripheral H1-receptor antagonist, inhibit the transmission and the role of histamine, but also inhibit the activity of vascular involvement allergy peptide and substance P, reduce the movement of inflammatory cells, effectively inhibit skin allergy. This product can significantly reduce airway allergic asthma caused by histamine, reduce allergy caused by a specific allergen.


This product has no obvious anticholinergic and anti-serotonin action. In clinical studies found that cetirizine than placebo more common side effect is dry mouth. In vitro receptor binding studies have shown that this product with other H1 receptor affinity and no significant effect. In effective doses, the product easily through the blood-brain barrier, and will not affect the central nervous system and cause side effects.


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