Pharmacological Function Of Diclofenac Sodium

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-08-31
Diclofenac Sodium is a white or almost white, odorless, hygroscopic crystalline powder, the product by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase and thus reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins. Used its sodium salt, as a colorless crystal, odorless, soluble in water, polar organic solvents such as ethanol, pH aqueous solution = 7.68, pKa = 4. Melting point 283-285 ℃. This product by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase thereby reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins, inhibition of lipoxygenase and generate a certain extent reduced leukotrienes, bradykinin products play antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. In animal tests and in clinical practice who have confirmed this product has antipyretic effects.

Oral absorption, completely. With food reduced the absorption rate. Fasting plasma concentration taking an average of 1 to 2 hours, reached the peak when taken with food six hours of peak plasma concentrations decrease. Drug half-life of about two hours. Plasma protein binding rate of 99%. Chinese medicine in breast milk in very low concentrations and can be ignored in the synovial fluid, taking 4 hours, the level was higher than serum levels and maintained for 12 hours. Approximately 50% metabolized in the liver, 40% to 65% from renal excretion, 35% from the bile, feces excretion after 1.2 to 2 hours. Long-term use no accumulation.

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