Pharmacological of Piracetam

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-26

This product Piracetam is a brain metabolism improve medicine, belongs to the ring of gamma-aminobutyric acid derivatives. Resistant to physical factors, chemical factors caused by the effect of brain damage. Can promote brain ATP, can promote the synthesis of acetylcholine and can enhance the excitement of nerve conduction, can promote brain metabolism. Can fight by physical factors, chemical factors caused by brain damage, effect on hypoxia caused by the retrograde amnesia improved. Can enhance memory and improve the learning ability.



Animal experiment of acute toxicity test showed that mice stomach dose greater than 10 g/kg, did not see death. Intravenous administration of median lethal dose LD50 of 9.2 g/kg. Subacute and chronic toxicology experiment has not been found on the growth and development of rats, dogs have any adverse effects. On blood, heart, liver, kidney, brain, and other important function of internal organs and have no effect.


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