Pharmacology Omeprazole

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-27


Omeprazole is proton pump inhibitors, it is a kind of fat-soluble weak alkaline. Concentration in acid environment, specifically on the top of the wall of gastric mucosa cell membrane of secretory microtubules and tubular vesicles in the cytoplasm, namely the stomach cells proton pump (H +, K + atpase) in place, and translated into the active form of sulfonamide, through disulfide bond with the combination of the proton pump sulfhydryl occurred not retrograde, thus inhibiting the H +, K + atpase activity, blocking the final stages of gastric acid secretion, make the wall cells of H + can't to the stomach cavity, has greatly reduced the acid content in gastric juice. On basis of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and stimulate gastric acid secretion had strong inhibitory effect. On histamine, pentagastrin and stimulate the vagus nerve caused by gastric acid secretion has obvious inhibitory effect, the H2 receptor antagonist can't suppress by two Ding Jihuan adenosine cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretion also has a strong and lasting inhibitory effect. After over a sharp decline in gastric acid secretion, gastric pH rise rapidly. Pain relief of heartburn and faster. The cure rate of duodenal ulcers also is higher, and the recurrence rate is low. Within two hours after the oral discharge by about 42%, 83% of the total 96 hours from the eduction in urine, urine without drugs. After a meal to drug absorption delay, but will not affect the total absorption. Healthy human take 10 mg, average 0.21 hours, tmax t1/2 for 0.4 hours, Cmax is 0.55 mu mol/L, AUC 0.31 mu mol h/L. Taking this article 40 mg bioavailability of about 60%; Plasma protein conjugation rate is about 95%.


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