Pharmacology and Toxicology of Praziquantel

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-01


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(1) The insect body muscle tetanic contraction and a spastic paralysis is generated. Schistosomiasis is only 20 seconds after exposure to low concentration praziquantel insect body tension is increased, the concentrations of more than 1 mg/L, insect body emitting a strong contracture. Insect body muscle contraction with praziquantel increased insect cell membrane permeability, make the loss of calcium ion in cells.


(2) The worm cortex damage and participate in host immune function: praziquantel is rapid and significant for worm cortex damage, cause syncytial in vitro skin swelling, cavitation, form the bulla, highlight the body surface and eventually skin erosion dyke break, secretion body almost all disappear, dissolve ring of muscle and longitudinal muscle was successively. Visible in the host, 15 minutes after taking the drug in vitro skin vacuoles degeneration. Cortical destruction, the impact of insect body absorption and excretion function, more important is its surface antigen exposure, which are vulnerable to the host immune attack, a large number of acidophilic granulocyte adhesion and invasion in skin lesions, prompting insect body death. In addition, praziquantel can also cause secondary changes, make the worm surface membrane depolarization, cortex significantly lower activity of alkaline phosphatase, cause glucose uptake inhibition, endogenous glycogen depletion. Praziquantel can also inhibit insect body nucleic acid and protein synthesis.