Pharmacology and toxicology of Ubenimex

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-06-15

Pharmacology and toxicology of 
The resulting compound of the present product isolated from Streptomyces (Streptomyces ofivorecticuli) culture medium, can competitively inhibit aminopeptidase B (aminopeptidase N / CD13) and leucine peptidase (Leucineamino-Peptidase). Enhancements to T cells, so that NK cell killing vitality, and to lead to increased synthesis of colony stimulating factor to stimulate regeneration and differentiation of bone marrow cells. This product can interfere with the metabolism of tumor cells and inhibit tumor cell proliferation, tumor cell apoptosis and activate the body's cellular immune function, stimulate production and secretion of cytokines, anti-tumor effector cells promote the production and proliferation.
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