Physical and Chemical Properties of Guar Gum

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-28



   Main component is the molecular weight is 50000-800000 with the glycoside bond of galactomannan, namely by galactose and mannose (1:2) consisting of high molecular weight hydrocolloids polysaccharide. White to yellowish brown powder. Can spread in a hot or cold water formed in the viscous fluid. 1% aqueous solution viscosity is about 4 to 5 pa s., for natural rubber in the highest viscosity. Add a small amount of sodium tetraborate into gel. Viscosity of aqueous solution is neutral, along with the change of PH change, the highest PH 6 ~ 8 viscosity, pH10 above, quickly reduce pH6 3.5 with lower PH. Below pH3.5 viscosity and increase.


    Guar gum gathered in the hot and cold water can be fully hydrated form translucent solution. After fully dissolved guar gum viscosity at maximum. Long time high temperature processing will lead to degradation of guar gum itself, viscosity decreased. The highest number of guar gum as natural rubber viscosity does not dissolve in organic solvents such as ethanol.


    Guar gum solution is pseudoplastic fluid of non-newtonian fluid properties, has stirred dilute effect. At the same time has good inorganic salt compatibility.


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