Physico-chemical Property of Calcium Hypochlorite

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Source:www.oceanchinachem
  • Release on :2016-05-30

Calcium Hypochlorite is a strong oxidant. Water or moist air will cause a fire explosion. Mixed with alkaline substances can cause an explosion. Contact with organic matter caused a risk of burning. Heat, sunlight or a case of acid decomposition will release chlorine gas irritating. Mainly used for bleaching pulp and paper industry and the textile industry, cotton, hemp, silk fabric bleach. Also used for urban and rural drinking water, swimming pool water disinfection. The chemical industry for the manufacture of acetylene purification, chloroform and other organic chemical raw materials. It can be used for wool shrink proofing agents, sweetening agents and the like.


Calcium hypochlorite is a chlorine and calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) reaction in the system. Because the absolute dry calcium hydroxide does not react with chlorine, chlorine, calcium hydroxide can be adsorbed. For this reason, in the industrial system using slaked lime containing less than 1% free moisture to chlorination, chlorine gas is also used in water containing 0.06% or less. Free use of these materials in the water, so that the chlorine acid hydrolysis (HClO, HCl), generated by the acid and lime. Subsequently, when relying on chlorination by the precipitation of calcium hydroxide water, chlorine continues to hydrolysis, so that more calcium hydroxide reaction involved in the process, generating a series of compounds.


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