Production Process Of Dimethyl carbonate

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-05-16

Dimethyl carbonate (Dimethyl Cabonate) referred to DMC, when the room temperature is a colorless, transparent, slight odor, slightly sweet liquid, the temperature 4 ℃, the boiling point of 90.1 ℃, density of 1.069 g / cm3, insoluble in water, but you can with alcohols, ethers, ketones, etc. almost all of immiscible organic solvent. DMC at atmospheric pressure and methanol azeotropic, azeotropic temperature of 63.8 ℃. DMC low toxicity, in 1992 it was classified as non-toxic products in Europe, in line with a modern environment-friendly chemical raw materials, "clean technology" requirement, so DMC synthesis technology has been widespread attention at home and abroad chemical industry, China's chemical Bu in "eight five" and "Nine Five" period will be listed as key projects.
The unique molecular structure of DMC (CH3O-CO-OCH3), excellent performance, and therefore has a very wide range of uses, mainly for the carbonylation and methylation reagents, gasoline additives, synthetic polycarbonate (PC) and other raw materials. DMC large-scale production is accompanied by a non-phosgene polycarbonate synthesis and developed.
DMC traditional production line as phosgene, but due to the high toxicity and corrosiveness and environmental issues phosgene sodium chloride emissions and makes this route is gradually being phased out, synthetic route commonly used in three ways: with copper chloride or nitric oxide hydroformylation reaction, propylene carbonate and ester exchange reaction catalyst in methanol, methanol and urea hydrolysis reaction.
Existing DMC manufacturers mainly in Western Europe, the United States and Japan, large manufacturers have French SNPE, Germany's BASF, EniChem Italy and Japan Ube, 1999 Nian DMC overall production capacity is only 30 kt / a. The past two years China has made considerable progress on the DMC production, to 2002, China DMC annual production capacity of more than 10 kt / a.
DMC DMC industrial development makes the market price is relatively reasonable and stable in 2002, 99.5% DMC domestic product prices in 8400 to 9 800 yuan / t. Copper chloride as a catalyst of oxidative carbonylation reaction process, the production capacity of 150 kt / a the DMC product, for example technical and economic analysis, DMC product price of $ 425.1 / t, after adding a 10% return on investment of DMC product price of $ 532.5 / t.

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