Promotion Skills Learn from Zootopia

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-04-03

Everyone from "Zootopia" learn different themes - politics, race, love, dreams, and the promotion skills of this workplace freshman.

1. The workplace is never really fair, the resources in the hands of the elite called opportunity, and in the hands of the rookie called waste, remember the learning and growth is always the first shortcut.

Because the rabbit personality tendencies and experiences decided to become a real "police", but it is a challenge to face a variety of animals that are bigger than even these animals are also full of bestiality. This is the most real workplace environment, whether it is just graduated or have 10 years of work experience, whether you are a high school diploma or doctoral students, you have to compete with everyone in this society include the best students in schools. Good job and compensation has always been a measure should be based on the results and the comprehensive strength, so hard to learn at a young age is a very important thing.

2. Do not be scared of the task, this is the best path to growth.

In order to stay, it is well worth learning the rabbit accepted the challenge of 48 hours gladly. The more difficult the greater the chance of personal growth and breakthrough projects. We need practicing not only learn from the book.

3. To find a "Boss" to help you support you, you will develop faster

When the rabbit in face of the practical difficulties, she finds the mayor secretary sheep, so as to solve the case to find the most valuable clues. It is said that establishing good relationships within the organization, especially with the resources "Boss" support and recognition is very important .

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