Raw Materials Selection of Calcium Acetate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-04

At present domestic manufacturer of
calcium acetate, typically by the above two ways of production, namely, glacial acetic acid reaction with calcium carbonate or hydrated lime production, due to the impurities are harder to control industrial calcium hydroxide, purchase cost is higher, so it is not widely used.

Industrial use of calcium carbonate, and divided into light calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate heavy calcium carbonate is directly taken from the mineral deposits made through artificial separation process in the, and precipitation of light calcium carbonate is the reaction, the generally used in industrial production used as filling material, considering its compatibility with organic matter, usually through particle surface processing, added some surface treatment material, therefore, such as the use of light calcium carbonate could also introduce is difficult to remove the impurities in the product.
Therefore in the industrial production of calcium acetate generally use of is all heavy calcium carbonate, according to the different level of products, such as industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade, on the choice of heavy calcium carbonate to differ, as in the production of food grade and pharmaceutical grade acetic acid calcium carbonate, should choose at least food grade calcium carbonate as a result of the limestone ore quality is different, the manufacturer of high quality is not much, be sure to inspect the production status.

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