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  • Release on :2017-04-18
Following the "thirteen five" plan, "China made 2025", the six departments jointly issued the "Pharmaceutical Industry Development Planning Guide" exposed the surface. The guide focused on the deployment of the "thirteen five" during the pharmaceutical industry development goals, aimed at accelerating the pharmaceutical industry from big to strong change. Which biopharmaceuticals as a focus area, in the guide to clear the direction of development. The gold development of biopharmaceuticals is coming soon. 2016, in the national policy and capital, driven by the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has gradually from the traditional generic drug production to independent innovation R & D and production transformation.

6.20 - 22, 2017, the peak of the pharmaceutical industry event - "2017 Biopharmaceutical and Technology China Exhibition" (BioPh China 2017) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center E2 Museum again kicked off. The exhibition will be organized by UCCMHPIE, UBM EMEA, and UBM Sinoexpo, which will bring together more than 10,000 creatures at home and abroad. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, new drug research and development, medical investment and other fields of professionals, to create Asia's leading one-stop international pharmaceutical trade exchange platform, to further enhance China's innovative bio-pharmaceutical R & D level, accelerate the internationalization of the industry step building blocks.

Medical research and development audience year after year, help bio-pharmaceutical research and development of new breakthroughs

Since its inception in 2012, the number of medical research and development visitors has been increasing year by year in the biopharmaceutical and technology China exhibition. In 2016, the "16th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition" (CPhI China 2016) held a total of 70,563 visitors, of which about 20% were R & D personnel (about 14,112), and 32.61 % Of the staff from the enterprise management, 15.12% from the procurement and other departments. Through the display of innovative drugs, technical programs, leading biopharmaceutical exhibitors and research and development audience will continue to think thinking for the future industry to explore new opportunities for development.

Many outstanding exhibitors compete with Taiwan to showcase cutting-edge products and technologies

"2017 Biopharmaceutical and Technology China Exhibition" at home and abroad at the top of the biopharmaceutical products and research and development information, will attract unnamed medicine, Sansheng Pharmaceutical, Dongbao Pharmaceutical, Gan Li medicine, Mai Gao biological, Kinsey Pharmaceutical, peptide biochemical And so on more than 100 outstanding corporate collective debut show. For example, "Sansheng Pharmaceutical" will bring the world's only commercial reorganization of human thrombopoietin "special than Australia" debut; "Jinsai Pharmaceutical" will be a grand introduction to the world's first listed PEG long-acting rhGH 

With a high degree of internationalization, the pharmaceutical industry full coverage and other unique platform advantages, BioPh China 2017 has now become a large number of bio-pharmaceutical companies brand promotion, won the market first choice. As of October 27, 2016, 85.2% of the display area has been sold, of which 28% of the enterprises as early as 16 years during the exhibition on the booth renewal, the remaining booth is about to be sold out. In this, we invite you to go to this not to be missed industry feast!

As a leader in the Asian Biopharmaceutical Show, the show will showcase: proteins, antigens, peptides, enzymes, biotechnology, antibodies, biologics, biologics, cell biology, clinical trials, new drug research, genomics, genetics, individuals Chemical technology, bio-information, bio-information technology, platform technology and a series of high-tech achievements in the industry.

Multi-exhibition linkage, heavy build the whole industry chain of pharmaceutical industry event

In 2017, BioPh China will once again join the "Seventeenth World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition" (CPhI China 2017), "the twelfth World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition" (P-MEC China 2017) Link global pharmaceutical news to further expand the scale of the show. The exhibition area is expected to reach 165,000 square meters, bringing together more than 2,800 exhibitors from home and abroad, and interacting with more than 75,000 professional buyers from 120 countries and regions to create an extraordinary global pharmaceutical industry event.