Supply of Pesticide Raw material is tight and Relevant Preparations is Saled Slowly

  • Author:Jane
  • Source:ZGNYW
  • Release on :2017-06-08

May the original market price of
pesticides? Domestic market supply, demand polarization is serious: the environmental situation is still grim, the supply side is limited, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places of key chemical park shutdown, limited production frequency, leading to upstream intermediates and the supply of raw materials tight supply situation continues to deteriorate. However, the domestic preparation enterprises pre-stocking more adequate, the terminal market prices of crops in the doldrums, making the preparation of slow digestion inventory, preparation manufacturers prudent procurement. With the gradual digestion of the preparation, the market of the original drug and intermediates to reduce the stock, was originally demanded by the weak supply of tight atmosphere gradually emerged.
Pesticides, the original supply of the original drug, the maintenance of high levels of azurel, the products of other nicotine products have been callback; by the impact of ethyl chloride tension, chlorpyrifos The original drug Xianyihouyang; the remaining varieties are more stable. Fungicide high consolidation, affected by the suspension of Lianyungang, part of the triazole product intermediates out of stock, affecting the downstream production, the remaining varieties of supply is still tight.

May, Avi, A Wei salt drug supply line is tight, Avermectin powder manufacturers offer to 53 million / ton, the main payment orders; A Wei salt original drug spot tension, price increases To 76 million / ton, the latter part of the supply can not be alleviated in the short term.

The production of nicotine products is limited, the Shandong region manufacturers limit the majority of the upper reaches of the raw materials, 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl pyridine, oxadiazine, imidazolidine and other prices are still high, but the lower limit of domestic production price increases, The original drug for export-oriented, imidacloprid original drug at the end of the end, reported 163,000 yuan / ton, acetamiprid original drug reported 165,000 yuan / ton, the market circulation of small supply; thiamethasone drug manufacturers upstream oxadiazine supply tension , But the terminal market demand is soft, the market price reported to 102,000 yuan / ton; alkenylamine original drug operating rate is low, spot shortage, car manufacturers few, still 16.8 million / ton high.

Organic phosphorus products, chlorpyrifos original drug by triceline pyridine sodium, ethyl chloride supply of the impact of high prices, although the medication season slowed, but the market price in the early fall after the end of the rebound, the price adjustment to 3.95 million Yuan / ton; ethyl chloride shortage, but also led to the rise of the original phoxim, but the market demand in general, offer 28,000 yuan / ton; propyl bromide original drug market inventory low, offer stable at 48,000 yuan / Ton; malathion original drug operating rate is low, manufacturers do not want to order, offer 19,500 yuan / ton.

Chrysanthemum acid, biphenyl alcohol, biphenyl alcohol supply tension, but the market terminal part of the spot, high-effective cyhalothrin original drug reported 158,000 yuan / ton, High chlorine benzene oil 34,000 yuan / ton, bifenthrin original drug reported 225,000 yuan / ton. Aphidone ketone drug upstream intermediates 3 - cyanopyridine prices have come down, but still higher, the market spot less, the price stability at 165,000 yuan / ton.

E-mite original drug by the impact of pre-factory parking, low inventory, supply, offer 350,000 yuan / ton.

Spironolide original drug stocks low, the market price stability at 150,000 yuan / ton; bromfurane drug prices are more stable, the spot price of 185,000 yuan / ton; insecticide single drug prices callback, reported 20,000 yuan / T; fipronil original drug manufacturers almost no inventory, fewer manufacturers, the market price raised to 620,000 yuan / ton; limited upstream intermediates supply, acetone mite special drug prices stable at 44,000 yuan / ton high.
(Original title: pesticide raw drug market gradually digested)