Talking about Calcium Carbonate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-22


  Calcium carbonate is a very versatile is the precious resources of limestone limestone as the commodity name of mineral raw materials. Limestone in human civilization, with its wide distribution in nature, and easy to obtain the characteristics of being widely used. As an important building material mining has a long history, in the modern industry, is a manufacturer of cement, lime, calcium carbide limestone main raw material, is an indispensable flux limestone in metallurgical industry, high-quality limestone writing after ultra-fine grinding, is widely used in papermaking, rubber, paint, paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, feed, sealing, bonding, in the manufacture of polishing products. According to incomplete statistics, the consumption of limestone cement and building stone, lime production, metallurgical flux, the ratio of the sum of superfine calcium carbonate consumption of limestone for 1:3. Limestone is non-renewable resources, with the constant progress of science and technology and the development of nanotechnology, the application of limestone area will further widen.

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