Target User of Gatifloxacin

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-04-01

       1. The elderly (≥65 years) men and women volunteers after a single oral dose of 400mg gatifloxacin after, found only a slight pharmacokinetic differences compared to older women with younger female subjects, peak plasma concentration is increased in elderly women 21% of the area under the curve increased by 32%. This difference is mainly due to the decline in renal function with increasing age, it should be based on renal function, the amount of the decision.

       2.Patients with moderate hepatic insufficiency, single oral 400mg plus comparing subjects with normal hepatic function were slightly increased by 32% and 23% gatifloxacin, peak plasma concentration and AUC values. Since quinolone antibacterial activity in a concentration-dependent manner, and therefore in such patients, the peak plasma concentration increased slightly, it did not reduce the efficacy of gatifloxacin. Therefore, these patients to the FDA need to adjust the dose. No severe liver damage in patients Gatifloxacin pharmacokinetic data.

      3.Varying degrees of renal insufficiency, single oral dose of 400mg gatifloxacin, the degree of decline in renal function with different gatifloxacin apparent total clearance (CI / F) corresponding reduced area under the curve (AUC) increased accordingly. Moderate renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance rate of 30 ~ 40ml / min) patients gatifloxacin clearance rate reduction of 57%, and severe (creatinine clearance <30ml / min) patients decreased by 77%.

      4. Patients with type diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) daily oral administration of this product 400mg, 10 consecutive days, pharmacokinetic parameters, glucose tolerance test and glucose in vivo stability test (fasting serum glucose, serum insulin and C- peptide assay) and healthy people similar. After the first dose of intravenous or oral gatifloxacin, serum insulin and a transient mild increase in blood glucose lowering. After glyburide has control of the disease diabetes multiple oral administration, although lower serum insulin concentrations after medication, but no change in blood glucose levels.