The Basic Information of Carbaryl

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-04

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The basic information of Carbaryl :

Chemical name: 1 a naphthyl, N methyl carbamate.

The physical and chemical properties: colorless to pale brown crystal, melting point 1 4 2 ℃, the density of 1. 232 g / 3 (20 ℃). The water solubility (20 ℃) 120 mg/L, soluble in polar organic solvent DMF 0 2 5 ℃ solubility: dimethyl sulfoxide 400 ~ 45097 L, acetone 200 ~ 300 g/L, cyclohexanone, 200-250 - g/L, isopropyl alcohol lOOg/L, xylene l00g/L. Stable in neutral and weak acid environment, hydrolyzed in alkaline medium to form 1, naphthol. Under the condition of light and heat stability.

Agent: 2 5% wettable powder, powder 3%

Also known as: carbaryl

Usage: mainly wettability powder or suspending agent for water spray.
For mulberry crops such as rice, cotton, fruit wood tea on the longitudinal leaf curl moth borer, rice, rice shell pest, cotton bollworm, pink bollworm, the moth, lap mite, small peach budworm, apple hampson, tea green leafhoppers, tea caterpillar budworm, mulberry looper, soybean, etc. Watermelon is sensitive to methyl naphthalene wei, unfavorable use. Other melons phytotoxicity test should be done first, reflect in some areas, with methyl naphthalene wei prevention after apple budworm, leaf mites occurred, should pay attention to observe. For the bees high toxic, unfavorable in flowering period or beekeeping area use.