The History Application of Mildronate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2017-01-11

Mildronate is structure analogues of carnitine, can restrain the betaine butyric acid hydroxylase competition, thus inhibiting the biosynthesis of carnitine, direct inhibition of carnitine dependence of fatty acid in the mitochondria of transshipment. Inhibit the biosynthesis of carnitine can reduce the concentration of intracellular free carnitine, prevent isopropyl acyl carnitine accumulation induced by adrenaline. This medicine has obvious protective effect to the myocardium, in produce this kind of protection had no obvious effect on hemodynamic parameters at the same time, the heart blood and cardiac oxygen consumption has no obvious change. 

During Soviet forces in Afghanistan, because often is located in the high altitude area, in the heavily armed March 20 kilometers, soldiers will be widespread lack of oxygen, blood and other symptoms. To this end, the Soviet let plateau response heavier soldiers take four to six weeks Mildronate treatment, in order to promote blood flow, improve the oxygen uptake and endurance of the human body. Also because of this, Mildronate by western qualitative for disabled doping. 

In fact, let the soldiers in wartime "drugs" in order to maintain the battle effectiveness is not new. According to le monde, Germany revealed that during the second world war, to the German Nazi Germany a lot with dubbed "stu card" (stu card was the main German dive bombers) and the value of "chocolate" armored force, drug d lake (main ingredient is methamphetamine, also referred to as the synthesis of methamphetamine effective today), is used to relieve fatigue, headaches, seasick and altitude reaction.

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