The Main Characteristic of Sodium Diacetate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-07


A) Mouldproof anti-corrosion effect is better than that of benzoic acid salts, the general dosage is 0.3 to 3 g/kg.

B) Don't change characteristics, food is not affected by PH food itself, to participate in the metabolism of human body, produces CO2 and H2O, can be seen as part of the food, keep food original color, flavor and nutrition.

C) Using a wide range, mildew corrosion protection for all kinds of food, but also in medicine, tobacco, paper, fruit preservation, feed and other industries have a large application.

D) Convenient and flexible operation, can be directly add also can spray or dipping.

E) Soft sour, overcame the propionate peculiar odour.



Bacteriostatic Action Mechanism and the Effect of Sodium Diacetate

Research shows that the double sodium acetate mainly through effectively penetrate into the mould to the interaction of cell wall and the interference of enzyme, inhibit the production of the mold, so as to achieve efficient mouldproof, anticorrosion, and other functions, double sodium acetate to aspergillus Niger, rhizopus, aspergillus flavus, green wooden mold inhibitory effect is better than that of potassium sorbate.


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