The Main Characteristics of Maltodextrin

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-13

Maltodextrin is DE value 5-20 starch hydrolysis products. Between starch and starch sugar, it is a kind of low cost, creamy taste, no smell of nutritional polysaccharide. Maltodextrin is usually a mixture of DE value. It can be a white powder, also can be condensed liquid. Liquidity is good, no smell, almost no sweetness. Dissolve the performance good, has a moderate viscosity. Low moisture absorption, not easy. Carrier has good effect, it is all kinds of sweeteners, flavor agent, filling agent such as carrier of excellence. Have very good emulsification and thickening effect. Have promote product molding and well to inhibit the action of the product structure. Good film-forming performance, both can prevent product deformation and can improve the look of the product. Easily absorbed by the body, especially suitable for the patient and the basis of infants food raw material. The stability of the foam has a good effect for the food and beverage. Have inhibition to crystalline sugar crystal precipitation, a significant "sand" resistance "against Yang" role and function.

Has low sweetness, no smell, easy digest, low heat, good solubility, small fermentation, filling effect is good, not easy absorption of moisture, thickening sex is strong, good carrier, good stability, difficult to the characteristics of metamorphism. Maltodextrin contains plenty of polysaccharide, it also contains calcium, iron and other trace elements beneficial to human body and minerals, and can promote the normal metabolism of human body.

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