The Main Features of Gelatin

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-24


Gelatin has many excellent features:


1) Gel; 2) Hold water; 3) Into membranous; 4) Emulsification and foaming ability, etc.


Nature of the most important function of gelatin, gelatin, indicate the adhesive molecules under certain conditions it is returning from random curl state into an orderly three spiral structure, this process is divided into three stages: first, when the temperature dropped to freezing point about (35 ℃), gelatin solution without rules curly polypeptide chain after turning into the left hand spiral, hydrogen bond between adjacent left hand spiral chain segment effects from crosslinking, to form the core area of the type of collagen helicoid, this process is called "resilience"; Second, micro gel collagen helix polymerization; Third, aggregate further formation has certain rigidity of the gel network. Gelatin gelatin gelatin by amino acid composition, average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and adhesive solution concentration and PH, gel temperature and agitation time and other factors.. The stand or fall of gelatin gel normally with gel strength and gelation temperature and melting temperature is measured.


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