The Preparation Methods of Glyoxylic Acid

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-24

      Glyoxalic acid, is one of the hyaluronic acid. In liver by ethanol acid or leaf under the action of glycolic acid oxidase, or in leaf in under the action of glycolic acid oxidase (NAD +) rely on. Glycine in liver or kidney and amino acetic acid (generation), under the effect of glycine oxidase oxide can be produced. In addition, have poison metabolic intermediate allantoic acid under the action of enzyme allantoic acid decomposition, produce urea and glyoxalic acid. Glyoxylate cycle in the middle of the product under the action of isocitrate lyase in produce succinic acid and aldehyde acid, the latter synthesis malic acid and acetyl CoA. In Micrococcus (Micrococcus) as the intermediate of glyoxalic acid metabolism, combined with glycine, via hydroxy aspartic acid and oxaloacetic acid. In Pseudomonas (Pseudomonas) or e. coli, two molecules condensed into glycerol by tartaric acid half aldehyde. Under the effect of glyoxalic acid decarboxylase into formic acid decarboxylation, glyoxylic acid oxidation in filamentous fungi can produce oxalic acid.


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