The Product Maltol Description

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-26

Maltol and ethyl maltol and diacetyl maltol for 1, 2 - dicarbonyl compounds, this series of compounds in Ames test show the weak mutagen. But in normal food source from the intake of this kind of material, found no cases of the disease. Use dogs for toxicity test showed that after maltol and ethyl maltol in oral, quickly into non-toxic grape nucleoside acid derivatives, the same process can also occur in humans.


In fact, people through the food intake of 1, 2 - dicarbonyl compounds are considerable, never stop maltol and ethyl maltol. Enzymatic Browning in food and non enzymatic Browning reaction intermediates are 1, 2 - dicarbonyl compounds, these compounds are weak mutagen in Ames test, but there is no evidence that these substances have carcinogenic activity.


This product is a Bai Sejing powder, special flavor with creme brulee hard candy, soluble in dilute solution can sample a strawberry aromas. The fragrance of this product is a kind of broad-spectrum synergistic agent, has increased the solid is sweet, sweet, sweet, edible flavor can be produced, cosmetics essence, etc., are widely used in food, beverage, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.



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