The Production Process of Yeast Extract

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-26

1. Pieces of dry edible yeast (Dried food yeast)

Dry edible yeast production process is a simple, direct, will wash the leaven of breast milk after plasmolysis drum drying, the product is dry edible yeast. The product has 30% of soluble substances, is rich in VB, protein and dietary fiber, trace elements, etc. Can be used in health food, seasoning powder, etc.


2. Pieces of dry autolyzed yeast (Dried autolysed yeast)

Dry autolyzed yeast is autolyzed yeast plasmolysis first after a part, then the products resulting from the drum drying. The product has 50% of soluble substances, contains abundant nutrition and flavor. Can be used for the crackers, meat products, such as improve product taste and flavor.


3. Pieces of Yeast extract (Yeast extract)

Yeast extract is yeast by using their own after plasmolysis hydrolase is completely autolyzed, remove the cell wall and insoluble products. The production process strictly control protein hydrolysis degree of yeast to satisfy different application needs; Finally condensed the yeast extract is half paste, paste product, empties buried, microcapsule, and the micro particles of powder products to suit different application needs.


4. Mixer flavour compounds of yeast extract

With various production by maillard reaction flavor spices, such as beef flavor, chicken flavor, vegetable, seafood flavor flavor, etc., greatly enriched the scope of the application of yeast extract


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