The Ultimate Goal of Children’s Education: Disposition

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Source:www.oceanchinachem
  • Release on :2016-04-06

The Ultimate Goal of Children’s Education: Disposition


By Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,. Ltd

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When children in a learning activity, such as reading, doing math, learning words, playing piano, dancing, exploring etc. They are learning in three different level at same time:



                        Knowledge              Abilities


In these three levels of learning activities, disposition is the ultimate goal of education, which of cause is the most important goal. In the light of Professor Katz’s interpretation, it is relative stable habits of mind. According to this theory, optimism, pessimism, curiosity, apathy, confidence and weakness are also disposition. While those most successful people, they have some same dispositions like: optimism, curiosity and confidence.


Our goal is to instill a lifelong intellectual curiosity and nimbleness, as well as the confidence and entrepreneurial spirit to embrace a broad range of personal, professional and creative pursuits.


It is endless and twisted on the path of life, in spite of utilitarian education is unavoidable in China, parents should attach importance to children’s valued disposition, give them warmly care, necessary help and enough courage. May all the kids in the world keep a curiosity heart, carrying goals with confidence to explore the depth of life.