The main purpose of Calcium Formate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-16


Calcium formate, also called formic acid calcium, formula for C2H204Ca, used as feed additives, suitable for all kinds of animals, acidification, mouldproof, antibacterial effect, industry is also used for concrete, mortar additives, leather tanning, or used as a preservative.

1.Used in construction. Used for the concreting fast, lubricants, early strength agent of cement. Used in building mortar and concrete, to speed up the hardening of cement, shorten the setting time, especially in the winter construction, avoid low temperature condensation speed too slow. Parting is fast, cement improving strength put into use as soon as possible. Calcium formate use: all kinds of dry mortar, various kinds of concrete, wear-resisting material, floor industry, feed industry and leather. Formic acid calcium dosage of participation and matters needing attention every tons of dry powder mortar, concrete amount is about 0.5 ~ 1.0%, the maximum 2.5%. The amount of calcium formate is decreased gradually as the temperature increases, even in summer the application of the amount of 0.3 0.5%, also will have obvious effect of early strength

2. Market research at home and abroad show that adding 1% ~ 1.5% in the piglet diet calcium formate can obviously improve weaned piglets production performance. German researchers found that 1.3% of formic acid is added in the weaned piglets diet calcium can improve the feed conversion rate 7% ~ 8%, adding 0.9% can reduce the occurrence of diarrhea piglets.

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