The preparation methods of Lithium Amide

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co.,LTd
  • Release on :2016-04-20

        Here are some preparation methods of Lithium Amide,hope it can help you.

Method 1

The metal lithium in the narrow slot of nickel, nickel groove on the glass tube and the tube inclined in the furnace, the furnace heating to 380 ~ 400 ℃, from one end of the pipe into the ammonia, molten lithium amino flowed from the other side, in the cooling section of the reaction tube curing. This metal lithium can constantly exposed surface, fresh guarantee reaction continuously.

Method 2

The two nickel crucible stacked up and down, in vertical glass tubes. Nickel in the above three 1.5 mm drill holes at the bottom of the crucible, when heated to 400 ℃ in the ammonia flow, molten amino lithium can constantly under the drip into the crucible, and cooling solidification in the ammonia flow.

Method 3

Can use the liquid ammonia reaction with metal lithium. In 2 l three flask with a rubber stopper on mount Hershberg mixer, separatory funnel and reflux condenser, reaction system with dry plaster pipe protection. Add dry liquid ammonia, under stirring to join a small portion of lithium, solution immediately appear blue. Add a few grains of ferric nitrate crystals, then small to add lithium. Reaction liquid blue disappears, generate gray amino lithium suspended solids, filtered and dry. This process takes about 20 min.

Method 4

N2 atmosphere - 50 ℃, to add dry bottles of tetrahydrofuran ammonia solution, cooling 10 min, to join in bottles of butyl lithium, appear blue, reaction again a few minutes, until the generated grey amino lithium suspended solids, filtered and dry.

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