The properties of Potassium Sorbate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-05

Physical properties

Potassium sorbate is crystal, crystal particles of white to light yellow scaly or crystal powder, odourless or micro smelly, exposed to the air for a long time the color of its easy absorption of moisture, oxidation decomposition. Potassium sorbate soluble in water, 67.6 g / 100 ml (20 ℃); 5% salt water, 47.5 g / 100 ml (room temperature); 25% of sugar water, 51 g / 100 ml (room temperature). Soluble in propylene glycol, 5.8 g / 100 ml; Ethanol, 0.3 g / 100 ml. 1% of aqueous potassium sorbate PH7 ~ 8.

Chemical properties

Combustible, fire eduction contains potassium oxide acrid smoke. Has a strong inhibitory effect of corruption bacteria and moulds, and because of the toxicity is far less than other preservatives, therefore, has become one of the world's major preservative. Under acid condition can give full play to the corrosion protection, neutral role was low.

Cosmetics preservatives. The preservative of organic acids. Adding amount is 0.5% commonly. Can be used mixed with sorbic acid. Potassium sorbate is soluble in water, easy to use, but its 1% aqueous solution pH value of 7-8, tend to make cosmetics increased pH, when use should be pay attention to.

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