Toxicology of Quetiapine Fumarate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-07

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      1. Acute toxicity studies

The acute toxicity of quetiapine flat is very low. To the mice and rats oral (500 mg/kg) or after intraperitoneal injection (100 mg/kg) the effect of typical antipsychotic drugs.

2. Repeat to drug toxicity studies

To rats, dogs and monkeys repeated use of quetiapine, visible expected antipsychotics sample of the central nervous system function (such as the low dose when calm, high doses of tremors, convulsions, or weak).

Consistent with liver enzyme induction effect on the reversible morphology and function of the liver in mice, rats and monkeys.

Thyroid cell hyperplasia and corresponding change of serum thyroid hormone levels in rats and monkeys.

In dog ever happen a sex heart rate increase, but not with effects on blood pressure.

The dose of 225 mg/kg/day to give the monkeys or has not been rodents found cataract. Has not been found in human clinical studies monitoring drug related corneal opacity.

All are not found in the toxicity studies fall or agranulocytosis. Neutrophils.

3. The reproductive toxicity studies

Quetiapine flat no teratogenic effect.

4. Mutagenic study

Of quetiapine flat, genetic toxicology study shows no mutagenic and quetiapine flat faulting.