Usage of Erythromycin

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-04

   Erythromycin is a significant invention in ancient China, the song dynasty has Erythromycin was applied to the food and drug, a record of the yuan dynasty has red kojic rice has the medical effect. Most Chinese and foreign scholars for a long time of study is fully shows the monascus pigment has a very high security, in all known natural pigment has very good stability, is one of the natural pigments allows you to use our food laws and regulations. In recent years, the study further confirmed the health care efficacy of Erythromycin .

   Monascus red as a kind of natural bright color, and the security, stability, have certain health care function of colorants, has been widely used in food, meat products, bean products, wine, juice, beverage, candy, pastry), pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries. Sausages processing industry, in particular, to improve the grade of products, the effect is very ideal. In recent years, the Japanese invented many patents, monascus pigment application is expected to develop monascus red new application field.


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