Usage of Methylparaben

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-08


Cosmetics preservatives. Phenolic preservatives, effective for all kinds of mold, yeast and bacteria, but neper gold ester sterilization strength is low, often mixed with Methylparaben, good synergy and synergy. Adding 0.1% ~ 0.1%. Antiseptic activity related to the solution ph, when the ph value of 7 2/3 of its activity is the activity of the original; Such as ph value of 8.5, then reduced to half its original activity. Will be some polymer compounds such as methyl cellulose, gelatin, protein bound and lose its antiseptic activity.

Used as a reagent antiseptic fungicide in the pharmaceutical industry, also used in organic synthesis and food, spices, such as film, corrosion protection additives. In a similar produced by the method of production of similar products p-hydroxy benzoic acid ethyl ester (neper Jin Yi), p-hydroxy benzoic acid propyl ester (neper Jin Bing), are also disinfection antiseptic medicine. The goods are irritating to the skin.

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