Usage of Mitiglinide calcium

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  • Release on :2016-07-11
Advantages Mitiglinide calcium 

According to the literature, and repaglinide mitiglinide that McNair and Gregory traditional sulfonylurea compared with the following advantages: 

⑴ novel mechanism of action, faster onset, shorter duration of action 
This product by closing the ATP-dependent K channels of pancreatic β cell membrane, resulting in the flow of Ca, intracellular Ca concentration increased leaving the extracellular vesicle degranulation containing insulin, thereby stimulating the secretion of insulin. However, only during meals will mitiglinide rapid and transient stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin, rapid onset, short duration of action; traditional oral diabetes drug continued to stimulate insulin secretion, and excessive stimulation, especially in between meals, often makes patients feel hungry, even when using sulfonylureas encourage patients to take snacks between meals, make too much insulin has metabolism. This extra weight increases the patient's eating; they are often at the outset are obese. Mitiglinide differs from traditional medicine in that the administration of sulphonylureas newcomer rapid onset and short duration of action, inhibition of postprandial hyperglycemia characteristic of type Ⅱ diabetes, avoid the occurrence of low blood sugar reactions. 

⑵ stronger effect 
Mitiglinide vivo and in vitro can stimulate biphasic insulin secretion, but the effect is reversed rapidly. The researchers used mild, moderate and severe rat model of streptozotocin-induced compared the mitiglinide, nateglinide and voglibose on postprandial blood glucose lowering effect. Administered to test animals before a meal mitiglinide (0.1 and 3mg / kg), nateglinide (25, 50 and 100mg / kg) or voglibose (0.03, 0.1 and 0.3mg / kg). Results antidiabetic effect Syndrome  most significant. In mild and moderate animal models, mitiglinide significantly and quickly reduce blood glucose levels and blood glucose AUC. In severe diabetes model, also observed mitiglinide inhibition induced elevated blood sugar levels eating trend. The test table can prevent type 2 diabetes appears postprandial hyperglycemia. The use of a dog model of diabetic hypoglycemic effect compared mitiglinide and gliclazide and insulin secretion. Results mitiglinide blood glucose lowering effect of gliclazide relatively stronger, and unlike the latter as prone to low blood sugar. Meanwhile MiG-column article shows the rapid insulin secretion. 

⑶ flexible administration 
Each time a medication before meals, and less into a meal is served a little, be more of a meal is a multi-service, this flexible mode of administration for frequent travel, tourism, and other daily dinner eating disorders sufferers, You do not have to strictly abide by between meals, very convenient. Abroad follow-up survey after more than 2500 cases of patients showed that patients are very satisfied with the flexibility mitiglinide administration, 77% of patients were able to postpone the meal or less precisely to reduce the burden, more than 95% patients choose to continue taking these hypoglycemic agents. 

⑷ the "in vitro pancreas" reputation 
Mitiglinide role focused on lowering postprandial hyperglycemia, glucose stimulated insulin promotes mitiglinide, in the presence of glucose, insulin secretion mitiglinide ratio increased by about 50% when free glucose, so the process acts as an "in vitro pancreas", only when needed to provide insulin. 
Early mild diabetes therapy and first-line
 ⑸ For rely solely on a restricted diet or exercise can not control blood sugar levels in patients with mild, often need assistance with other anti-diabetic agents, and once medication, easily induced hypoglycemia, Mitiglinide calcium  with the above characteristics, as first-line therapy is the most a good choice for such patients as standing hypoglycemic agents. For relying solely on a restricted diet or exercise to control blood sugar levels in patients with a variety of delicious face of temptation, often for fear of hyperglycemia and excessive dieting or not eating, the body causing varying degrees of damage. Such patients can take timely mitiglinide prevent this from happening. 
⑹ safe and well tolerated 
Comparative study mitiglinide and sulphonylureas shows that the incidence of hypoglycemia mitiglinide taking about 50% lower than the latter, hypoglycemia time is different. Mitiglinide hypoglycemia mainly in the daytime, and glyburide were mostly after midnight, nighttime hypoglycemia particularly dangerous, because the patient can not be aware of its occurrence. Mitiglinide long-term use does not produce drug accumulation caused by drug-induced hypoglycemia. Incidence of adverse reactions with blank consistent mitiglinide, because of adverse reactions to the treatment interrupted only 0.3%. Therefore, mitiglinide well tolerated in patients with high compliance.

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