Usage of Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-25

   Sodium bicarbonate can be directly as raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, for the treatment of gastric acidity. Can also be used for movie studios, tanning, mineral processing, smelting, metal heat treatment, and is used for fiber, rubber industry, etc. At the same time as wool detergent, and used for agricultural seed soaking, etc. Food industry, one of the most widely used osteoporosis agent used in the production of cookies, cakes, steamed bread, bread and so on, is the occurrence of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks; Can with alum compound for alkaline baking powder, can also be used with alkali soda ash composite for civilian stone; Also can be used as a butter preservatives. Fire equipment used in the production of acid and alkali fire extinguisher and foam extinguisher. Rubber industry use its cooperate with alum, H hole agent ACTS as uniform hair holes used in rubber, sponge production. Metallurgical industry as fluxing agent for casting ingot. Mechanical industry for cast steel, foundry sand mold forming additives. Is used as the fixing agent dyeing printing and dyeing industry ph buffer, the rear of the fabric dyeing and finishing treatment. Adding baking soda can prevent yarn cone dyed color of flowers. The pharmaceutical industry used as the material of antacids.


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