Vitamin C + antibiotics, a new combination of eradication of cancer stem cells!

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  • Release on :2017-06-15

"Vitamin C + Antibiotics" can eliminate cancer stem cells - the latest research published in the "Oncotarget" journal. The team from the Center for Biomedical Research at the University of Salford confirms that Doxycycline and Ascorbic Acid can be used in combination to effectively prevent the energy source of cancer stem cells and eliminate them.

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a group of tumor cells that have stem cell properties that promote tumor evolution. They are considered to be the main source of cancer spread, metastasis and recurrence, but also weaken the treatment of anti-cancer drugs. Therefore, cancer stem cells are a major "stumbling block" in cancer treatment.

Team Leader, Professor Michael Lisanti, believes that this latest study is expected to provide a new solution to the problem of cancer recurrence and drug resistance.

"Starved to death" cancer stem cells

In February 2017, Prof. Lisanti and the team published an article in the "Oncotarget" journal that revealed that vitamin C was able to target and eradicate cancer stem cells. They block the energy source of cells by suppressing the glycolysis of cancer stem cells.

Now, based on their previous studies, they further suggest that antibiotics can improve the effectiveness of vitamins in the eradication of cancer stem cells. They choose doxycycline, a commonly used in the treatment of acne, pneumonia and other infections of antibiotics, high-dose treatment of cancer mice over 3 months.

Antibiotics can cause "metabolic flexibility" and inhibit the survival of cells from energy sources. Therefore, under the action of antibiotics, cells can only use glucose as a source of energy. Vitamin C is an inhibitor of glycolysis, but it blocks glucose sources, so cancer stem cells "starve to death".

In short, the combination of antibiotics and vitamin C can block the energy source of cancer stem cells, thereby effectively killing stem cells.

Is high-dose vitamin C safe?

Scientists from the University of Iowa have published in the "Cancer Cell" published that high doses of vitamin C anticancer is safe. They found that the level of redox-active iron molecules (abnormal bycatch of abnormal mitochondrial metabolism) in tumor tissue was abnormally high, and these byproducts reacted with vitamin C to produce hydrogen peroxide and free radicals derived from hydrogen peroxide. Free radicals can selectively cause DNA damage in cancer cells, causing cancer cell death and increased sensitivity of cancer cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. (Details: new evidence for human trials! High-dose vitamin C, "anti-cancer" safety confirmed)

Of course, these studies also require more clinical trials to confirm that the conclusions need to be cautious.


Combining vitamin C with antibiotics destroys cancer stem cells