What is Disodium Pamidronate

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-05-04
Disodium Pamidronate  is a kind of bisphosphonate, in vitro and animal experiments show that can strongly inhibit the dissolution and osteoclast activity hydroxyapatite on bone resorption has a very significant inhibitory effect. Osteolytic bone metastasis of cancer pain caused by analgesic effect, can be used for the treatment of cancer-induced hypercalcemia.
Reported in the literature, for cancer patients to 45mg after the product was dissolved in 500ml normal saline intravenous infusion over 4 hours after the infusion of blood concentration of 0.96mg / ml, an average of 51% of the prototype drug excretion from the urine; urinary excretion display biphasic disposition kinetics characteristic, a and b, respectively, for the half-life of 1.6 hours and 27.2 hours. Animal experiments show that: after administration rapidly from the circulation system to eliminate, mainly in the bones, liver, spleen and tracheal cartilage. This product can be long-term retention in bone tissue half-life of up to 300 days.
[Note] 1. After This product must be diluted with calcium-free liquid immediately slow intravenous infusion, the product must not be direct intravenous drip.
2. This product is not with other types of bisphosphonates used in combination.
3. Animal experiments using this manipulation had occurred renal toxicity, renal impairment caution.
4. When used in the treatment of hypercalcemia, should also pay attention to add the liquid, so that your daily urine output of more than 2L.
Using this process, we should pay attention to monitoring of serum calcium, phosphorus and other electrolyte levels.

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