What is Posaconazole?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-05

    Posaconazole is a derivative of itraconazole, listed on the FDA in 2006, the second generation of the three azole antifungal drugs. Wide antimicrobial spectrum, for candida, histoplasma capsulatum and plug, sickle spore bacteria, bipolar bacteria zygomycete fungi bacteria and yeast. Including fluconazole resistance of white beads strains, cryptococcus neoformans and aspergillus has a strong inhibitory activity; Especially for rare, but life-threatening fungal disease (zygomycosis, sickle disease and coccidioidomycosis, etc.) are also effective.


       This drug is poorly soluble in water, at present only oral suspension agent, on an empty stomach or after meal oral, respectively, in 3 ~ 4 ~ 10 h and 4 h reached peak blood concentration. Plasma protein conjugation rate is as high as 98.2%, mainly combined with albumin. Average distribution of apparent volume as high as 1744 l, highly tissue penetration. Through the placental barrier, in breast milk secretion.


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