What’s Acesulfame ?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-13

Acesulfame is a kind of food additives, chemicals, similar to the saccharin, soluble in water, increase food sweet, no nutrition, taste good, no heat, can in the human body metabolism, absorption is (the elderly, obese patients, patients with diabetes ideal sweetener), to heat and acid stability is good wait for a characteristic, is the fourth generation of synthetic sweeteners in the world. It used mixed with other sweeteners can produce strong synergistic effect, average concentrations can increase sweetness 30% ~ 50%.


   Acesulfame has strong sweet honey, about 130 times of sucrose sweetness, flavor properties similar to those of saccharin. High concentrations of bitter taste.


   Acesulfame is an artificial sweetener, regular consumption of synthetic sweeteners excessive amounts of food will do harm to the human body the liver and nervous system, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, children harm is more serious. If a short period of time a lot of food, can cause thrombocytopenia lead to acute hemorrhage.


  Nature of the goods has strong sweet taste, a taste similar to saccharin. High concentrations of bitter taste. Not hygroscopic, stable at room temperature, good mixed with sugar alcohol, sugar, etc. As a nutritional sweetener, can be widely used in all kinds of food.



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