What’s Benzoin ?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-24

Benzoin for spherical particle pressure forming clumps, sizes, reddish brown to gray brown, outside pale yellow-white are embedded and opaque almond particles, rough surface is not flat. Room temperature nut brittle, heating is softening. Fragrant, taste slight sheen.

Benzoin with Thailand benzoin and Sumatra benzoin two kinds. Chinese imports mainly for Thailand benzoin, score white glue water rest, rest, incense and other specifications.

Benzoin and musk, styrax are switched on, can treat's sudden blackout, trismus, shut off the card, but the different aromatic begin to understand the power of a strong, weak, musk, strongest, benzoin, styrax begin to understand the work of similar, and musk with t2dm with gas, acetanilide detumescence, benzoin and feasible blood circulation, and can be used in the heart pain, postpartum bruise of the disease.

The goods for irregular small, slightly flattened, often bond ball. Orange surface, waxy luster (natural out fat); Or for irregular cylindrical, flat block, on the surface of gray to yellowish white (artificial cut fat). Very brittle, fragile, section flat, white, placed after gradually become yellow brown to reddish brown. Heating softening melting. Fragrant, taste, chewing has the feeling of sand.

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