What’s Caramel ?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-04


   Caramel pigment which is also called Caramel, Caramel in English. Caramel pigment is a kind of very extensive application in food industry of natural colorants, is an important part of food additives.


  According to the definition in the United States used for food chemicals codex, caramel pigment is often a complex hybrid compounds, some of which exists in the form of colloid aggregation, can be made by heat carbohydrate alone or under the edible acid, alkali, salt, participate in synthesis. Caramel pigment are usually dark brown to black liquid or solid, there is a smell of burnt sugar, and have a bitter taste. The raw material of fructose, glucose, invert sugar, sucrose and starch hydrolysis product or part of the hydrolysis product of.


  Caramel color used to be used in making dessert, it can provide cakes and sweets with a fill candy or chocolate flavor, or adding in ice cream and egg custard. Or as a food pigment melanin, drinks such as cola use caramel color, and it is also used as food colorants, it is also the whisky industry only allows the use of additives. Caramel pigment can dissolve in water.


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