What's Benflumetol ?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-04
       China is a pharmaceutical raw material producing countries, to meet the needs of buyers around the world, but in this uneven market, filling a variety of different kinds of manufacturers and suppliers. For buyers, especially for first purchase of the buyers, it is difficult to choose an honest, credible, reliable suppliers as partners. Such as our company, always provide Oxiracetam api price in china.

      This time I will tell you something about Benflumetol :

      Yellow crystalline powder; There are bitter almond smelly, tasteless. It is easily dissolved in chloroform, slightly soluble in acetone, hardly soluble in ethanol or water. The melting point of this product melting point is 125-130 ℃. Benflumetol dissolved after the linoleic acid. 

      Benflumetol  is China's initiative mefloquine class new medicine, on vivax sexual and asexual body has obvious killing effect, has good prevent effect to plasmodium vivax malaria. For p. falciparum sexless body also has the effect to kill, but work is slow. Can decrease the rate of blood in the gametophyte, inhibit gametophyte development inside the mosquito. In resistance to chloroquine plasmodium falciparum epidemic region trial proved that against chloroquine or multi-drug resistance of plasmodium falciparum cure rate above 95%. And compatibility of artemether, antimalarial action can complement each other, both benflumetol insecticidal thoroughly, durable, but slow to control symptoms. And artemether available, but the recurrence rate is high. Animal experiments show that the toxicity is very small, clinical no adverse reactions.