What’s Sodium Benzoate?

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-01

Sodium benzoate (chemical formula: C6H5CO2Na), E Numbers E211, is benzoic acid sodium salt. Sodium benzoate under acid environment belongs to acidic preservative anti-corrosion effect is better, is a common food preservative, have prevent metamorphism, I extend the shelf life of effect, are widely used in the countries all over the world. Toxicity and concerns in recent years, however, that its application is limited, some countries such as Japan has stopped production of sodium benzoate, and limits to its use.

Sodium benzoate, mostly white particles, odourless or microstrip benzoin odor, taste sweet, there is convergence; Soluble in water (normal temperature) 53.0 g / 100 ml, PH around 8; Sodium benzoate is acid preservatives, in alkaline medium without sterilization, bacteriostatic action; Its anticorrosion best PH is 2.5 to 4.0 in PH5.0 solution of 5% sterilization effect is not very good. Sodium benzoate lipophilicity is bigger, is easy to penetrate the cell membrane into the cells, interfere with the cell membrane permeability, inhibition of cell membrane to the absorption of amino acids; Into cells ionization acidification of alkali store inside the cell, and inhibit cell in the department of respiratory enzyme activity, prevent acetyl-coa condensation reaction, thereby the purpose of food antiseptic.

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