China Sodium Diacetate,,China SDA ManufacturerChina Sodium Diacetate,,China SDA ManufacturerChina Sodium Diacetate,,China SDA ManufacturerChina Sodium Diacetate,,China SDA Manufacturer

China Sodium Diacetate,,China SDA Manufacturer

  • 1. CAS No.: 126-96-5; MF: C4H7NaO4 ; E No.: 204-814-9
  • 2. Grade:Food Grade
  • 3. Appearance: white powder
  • 4. Package: 25kgs/bag
  • 5. Shelf life:  2 Years
  • 6. Competitive price with high quality
  • 7. Purity: 99%
  • 8. MOQ: 1 MT

Sodium Diacetate Specifications

Molecular formula



food grade




White crystal with acetic acid odor; easy to absorb moisture; very easy to dissolved in the water; to decompose when heated to higher than 150°C.


conform to Q/320700 LTH 01-2005, equivalent to FCC V and VITA-CROP standard.


Sodium Diacetate is a kind of new-type grain, beverage additive of food, used in the food additive extensively(for example, toasts food, candy, fat, meat products, oil, soy sauce, dressing, pastry, fast food, soup custard and powder stock, etc.); grain fodder and green-feed additive; the printing and dre industry use it as acid pharmaceutical; used as even to take pharmaceutical, buffer, etc. it is generally recognized as safe ingredient by the US FDA, and is a generally permitted food additive in Europe and elsewhere in 1982. The FDA and WHO approve sodium Diacetate for serve as antiseptic among the food and fodder.


(U.S.A. FDA standard)add 0.4% in toast; add 0.1% in fat and oil; add 0.1% in meat  products; add 0.1% in soft drink; add 0.25% in gravy and sauce; in the snack pastry food; add 0.05% in soup sticks.

Regular package

25kg/package, double plastic and paper compound bag.

Storage and 

Keep it in shady and cool place of the normal atmospheric temperature(  be sealed, sun-proof and damp proof. Don’t mix and put with the poisonous chemicals!



Packaging & Shipping

Sodium Diacetate  Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to client request
Sodium Diacetate  Delivery Detail: 2 weeks after confirm order.

Some of the products can be supplied within 7 days on the strength of EDC warehouse.



Our Services

1. Complex chemical supplier in China with over 5 years of experience.

2. Arrange the orders and shipping with cus requests in time, According to the different 

     countries export policy provide complete customs clearance documents.

3. Variety of high quality chemical products with competitive price.



Company Information

Hubei Ocean Biotechnology has concentrated on food additives,Vitamins,and some relative chemicals for over 20 years domestic experience and 5 years of international experience.




1. What's your payment terms?
T/T or L/C.

2. What's your delivery time?
Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days,due to different products you choose.

3. How about the packing?
Usually we provide the packing as 25 kg / bag or carton,and also as your request bag.

4. How about the validity of the products?
According to the products you ordered.

5. What documents you provide?
Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificate 

and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.

6. What is loading port?
Usually is Shanghai,Qingdao or Tianjin.

Wuhan Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.


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