Propylene glycolPropylene glycolPropylene glycolPropylene glycol

Propylene glycol

  • Propylene glycol
  • 1. CAS No.: 57-55-6; MF: C3H8O2; E No.: 200-338-0
  • 2. Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade
  • 3. Appearance: Colorless transparent or pale yellow liquid
  • 4. Type: Emollient softening agent
  • 5. Shelf life:  2 Years
  • 6. Package:  25kg/Fibre Drums
  • 7. Purity: 99%
  • 8. Competitive price with high quality

Propylene glycol:

Its most important end use is in the production of unsaturated polyester resins that, in turn, go into items that effect our daily lives, like water tanks, or our leisure time, like sailing boats. It can also be used as plasticizer, surface active agent, emulsifying agent and demulsifying agent, mould inhibitor, antiseptic for fruit, ice inhibitor and moisture preserving agent for tobacco.


Propylene glycol Specifications:






 Clear liquid




Acidity(As AA)









Specific gravity(20°C)



PM beta isomer(PM-2) 




Propylene glycol Usage:
With similar physical and chemical character to that of ethyleng glycol ether and even lower toxicity, these products are environment protection-oriented solvents, which is used as solvent, dispersing agent and thinner in such trades as paint, ink, dyeing and printing, pesticide, cellulose and propynoic and ether etc., and also used as anti-freeze, extractor, beneficiation regent, as well as raw material of organic synthesis.


Packaging & Shipping

Propylene glycol  Packaging: 25kg/bag or according to client request
Propylene glycol  Delivery Detail: 

2 weeks after confirm order.Some of the products can be supplied within 7 days on the strength of EDC warehouse.



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