Stable suppliers to meet your price and quality requirements

Based on the food additives industry for many years of operation, Qualtime construction of large manufacturer in China, which can help our customers get the best products and the long-term stable cooperative relations.


Technical support and marketing information sharing

Our professional sales staff who understand your technical challenges, and to provide technical support and new ideas.

Qualtime put collect market information to help you avoid high-value market risks.


Safe, secure, and reliable sampling service

Qualtime provides a global sampling service, so you have the opportunity to properly evaluate the product before purchasing. Samples of products deployed worldwide within 24 hours, our dedicated facilities, provides comprehensive support documents (including analysis of the appropriate certificate).

The highest standards of regulatory and safety regulations apply to all sampling procedures. Isolated storage area for products that require special climate and security conditions.


Good Quality System

Dedication of the staff through a process of continuous improvement of quality of service, to ensure product safety. 
Improve the company's ability to meet customer needs, so Qualtime a good company, in the industry's most competitive.

Service area

Our range of services including

the United States of South

America to Europe, Africa and Asia 

Contact information

European biotechnology Ltd. Hubei.

service Hotline: 0086-27-83733110


Product Range

Our products include: food additives,

vitamins, amino acids, pharmaceutical

raw materials and inorganic chemicals